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Upstairs bedroom (north)This shot shows the upstairs landing into the north bedroom. What is most striking is the pretty red carpet. But, it goes so well with the butt ugly paneling.May 11, 2006
Upstairs bedroom (south)There are two bedrooms upstairs. This is the south bedroom. Modular panels graces its walls. Any modular paneling found will be destroyed (butt ugly).May 11, 2006
StairsNot much to speak about... i didn't fall through.May 11, 2006
Bedrooms (south)South of the living room are two bedrooms. Plans for these two bedrooms includes the extension of the southwest bedroom (right). What space is left over from the other will be converted into a modest study with a library.May 11, 2006
Dining/Living Room (northeast)From the kitchen we see the dining room and living room. The living room front door opens into the enclosed front porch. A bay window sits on the north side of the living room. On the south side are the stairs leading up to two bedrooms. May 11, 2006
KitchenWater leaks have added to the color of the kitchen... hence the gallon of "Quik Hide " paint sitting on the counter. Both the refrigerator and oven work! Cabinets are useable... which makes not too much difference since mine are usually bare.May 11, 2006
Kitchen Entrance (north side)This is the enclosed porched with the circular window. We suspect it was originally enclosed due to the circuit breaker box being placed there. It was poorly added marking it for demolition.May 11, 2006
Front porch (enclosed)Here is the interior shot of the front porch. The original porch was only half the current width. The additional length was poorly added using wood (original porch is concrete). There is a slight dip to the "new" addition. Underneath support includes a railroad tie.May 11, 2006
Side (south)At the far left is the porch previously seen that attaches to the garage. On the far right is the front enclosed porch.May 11, 2006
Back (west)Garage is attached by an enclosed porched seen in the middle of the picture. Inadequate headroom, unpleasant oder, and basic ugliness has marked this porch for demolition.May 11, 2006
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