Sundance Suri Farm - Suri Alpacas in Indiana

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More landThe back of the property is found at the farest tree line. Sweet...
Right of drivewayAs we move northwest with the pictures, the property line is behind the cut grass and extends westward to the cemetary (don't have to worry about those neighbors).
Down the drivewayHere's a clear shot from the driveway. The drive will continue a bit and turn right into the barns allowing for the drop off of animals into an enclosed area, eliminating concern of escape.
Continued from the SouthThis shot was directly taken from the back of the house. The barns will be placed here, allowing for easy access. However, we must take care to find the septic tank first... it's somewhere around here.
South EndThis is the south end of the property. The question is which fence post marks the property line... the one on the left or the right. There is at least 6 feet between them. The property runs westward with a gentle slope.
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