Sundance Suri Farm - Suri Alpacas in Indiana

Welcome to Sundance Suri Farm on the Web!

Web pages with alpaca pictures thrown in...

Yep... everybody's got a web site... and so does Sundance Suri Farm! You either found these pages by seeking information about alpacas, looking for info about Sundance Suri Farm, or someone directed you here to browse around. No matter how you arrived... we're glad you came.

Our motto at Sundance Suri Farm is "building our herd one alpaca at a time.™" We take our time in breeding our alpacas to ensure the quality of our animals. Not only do we concern ourselves with the fleece and conformation of suri alpacas, but we take into account their temperment. Why? Because we can... smiley

What you will find in these alpaca pages...

What you'll find in this site are a few words, alpaca pictures, and some online alpaca resources (if you're looking for additional information about the alpaca industry or want to scope out some alpaca events in Indiana and surrounding states).

Some of the pages might not have much information... that's ok... we are growing and have just gotten ahead of the game with the web site to accomodate our expansion :)


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